Knowing how to write a LinkedIn summary is a must for business professionals.

It is difficult, but it can be learned, especially for those who want to be on LinkedIn.

A LinkedIn summary targets recruiters and hiring managers as well as potential buyers of your business. 

Making their LinkedIn summary interesting is the goal of every LinkedIn user.

Aside from making it interesting, it should talk about a subject that businessmen will be interested in.

To know more about how to write a LinkedIn summary, here are a few tips to follow. 

Tips on What to Write on Your LinkedIn Summary

1. Post content related to your expertise

Your LinkedIn summary should speak volumes about your work background.

You should talk about your interest in helping other people succeed, especially on your expertise.

Talk about your background in detail and expertise in about two or three sentences.

A professional businessman should know how to connect with his customer.

Your LinkedIn summary should talk about how your expertise in your field.

Best to talk about the achievements you have made throughout your career.

2. Use data to check your results and back it up

Do not fill your LinkedIn summary with all of your achievements.

Choose a few of those achievements that highlight your whole career.

These achievements will pique the interest of other LinkedIn users and will have a great impact on them.

You can use the section below of the LinkedIn summary to put your other achievements. 

3. Mention potential recruitment from your team

LinkedIn is a great way for recruiting managers to search for potential employees for their company.

In your LinkedIn summary, you can put job openings to attract other potential employees.

You can also include a few details on the work you do and what makes you a good company.

4. Feature your professional interests

Your LinkedIn summary should show your working experience, skills, and interests in a specific industry.

These details will serve as a good introduction for you if you are looking for a decent job on LinkedIn.

You can also put your past achievements in your previous job. 

5. Highlight your contact information

You need to put your contact information or any methods on how people can contact you on your work.

It can be managers that are recruiting you or customers that want to do business with you.

You also need to put your working history and the work you want to do so people would know more.

The Seven Creatives that You can Write

1. Make a show of your passion

Aside from writing your work achievements, write the details that make you passionate about your job.

Explain the most satisfying thing that you do on your job and how you do it.

Indicate which companies you have been and what are some of the problems you have encountered.

2. Be personal

Even though LinkedIn is a business platform, you can also include some sentiments that can inspire other people.

Write something about yourself that can immediately impact the person viewing your profile.

You can relate this to how you are performing your work.

3. Appear friendly

Write a few of your hobbies on your LinkedIn summary to make your profile seem friendly.

It would make an impression to a viewer that you are approachable.

You can list things that you do in your free time and how it helps you with your current work.

4. Engage very well

Make a one- or two-line sentence on your LinkedIn summary that briefly describes your work.

It will make a LinkedIn user interested in what you do and use this opportunity to engage with them.

Tell them how your company makes work less stressful.

5. Make your readers intrigued

Show the growth of your career by indicating your previous jobs.

After telling them about your previous job, write your hobbies and other interesting things that you are doing.

6. Show your readers a good view of you and your company

Other LinkedIn users may be interested in the nature of your work and your company.

Take this opportunity and explain what made you work on your company and why it is the best in the industry.

7. Increase your credibility and trust factor

Write an appealing one-liner sentence on why you are at the top of the pyramid of your field.

Discuss detailed examples of what you do in your field of expertise.

List skills that make you a consistent performer in your line of work.