LinkedIn Sales Navigator offers you a lot of information that you can only get through their site.

It lets you target the right audience and companies easier.

It also allows you to engage with prospects and track changes from leads and other companies.

Knowing every part of your LinkedIn Sales Navigator page gives you a huge advantage over users with basic knowledge.

Learning every bit of Sales Navigator allows you to maximize all of the essential features that it has.

After knowing every part of your page, it’s up to you how you can optimize all the information you’ve gathered.

You need to familiarize all features that it has to offer and other functionalities you haven’t explored.

Here is an overall guide of your LinkedIn Sales Navigator page.

Guide to LinkedIn Sales Navigator Page

1. Alerts

See all alerts from the top to the bottom part of your homepage.

It contains updates about the leads and other accounts that you have followed in your Sales Navigator account.

These contain insights of your leads that can help your business in adapting to your audience’s needs.

It also alerts you if your saved lead looks to your profile.

Alerts could be an easy conversation starter with your prospect.

You can even do a filter where only your lead’s content will pop out of your feed.

2. Sales Navigator Coach

Coach is the most recent feature of LinkedIn Sales Navigator homepage.

It allows you to see your mastery in using the Sales Navigator.


It guides you with how much you have done on LinkedIn by leveling up to a certain level.

As a Sales Navigator user, you have five levels to achieve before being called an expert in LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

The five levels you have to conquer are beginner, intermediate, proficient, advanced, and expert.

The Sales Navigator coach recommends actions that will guide you as you level up.

Complete these actions to know more about Sales Navigator as a business platform.

3. Five most recent activities

With the presence of technological failures such as sudden computer reboot, internet connection failure, and computer viruses, this is the most convenient feature.

If you are searching for important leads or viewing your prospect profile, and the browser suddenly stops, this feature recovers your most recent activities.

You don’t have to worry about any internet or device failure with this feature.

4. Recommended leads

Immediately after logging in your Sales Navigator account, you will see all of the recommended leads.

The recommended leads depend on the preferences that you had selected when you were creating your account.

This means that these leads are already qualified for all the standards that you have set.

5. Filters

Throughout your feed, you will see a lot of content posted by your friends, and other leads.

You can use filters such as updates and spotlights to highlight some of the contents that you want to see.

Updates can be from most important and most recent, while spotlight filters the feed based on sales updates.