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LinkedIn advertisements are today’s trend that businessmen use to attract potential customers or employees.

Finding a suitable company for your line of work could be difficult.

However, finding qualified people for certain positions could be hard since some are highly qualified while others are not.

To further sort this problem, you can consider a set of qualifications, called BANT.

BANT stands for budget, authority, need, and timeline.

Other advertisements, such as Google ads, focus more on the need and timing aspect but do not consider the budget of the lead.

To solve this problem, we need to go deeper into prioritizing social engagement.

Below are some of the benefits and disadvantages of having LinkedIn advertisements.


1. Fresh

With LinkedIn ads, you can easily put updated ads for your target audience to see.

You can also add any job opportunities that your company recently opened.

You can also post the recent offers your business has using LinkedIn ads.

2. Powerful targeting

You can do the proper targeting of prospects on LinkedIn.

Anyone can do it by joining LinkedIn groups that focus on digital marketing.

If your LinkedIn ad is seen by one of the members of a LinkedIn group, then there is a high chance that others will see it.ย 

3. No Gatekeeping

LinkedIn is a business social platform that is more personal compared to other platforms.

It is also a more personal account compared to other business platforms.

When you can engage with a CEO account on LinkedIn, it is usually the real person and not just his secretary.

Gatekeepers such as a businessman’s secretary or assistant usually handle his e-mails and such.

After seeing LinkedIn ads, you can directly contact the person on that ad.

4. Increased deal sizes

Google ads make the fastest deals with their prospects.

However, LinkedIn ads close the largest deal sizes.

It is a known fact among business professionals who are using LinkedIn ads.

So even though Google ads give you immediate results, many depend on LinkedIn ads for better results.


1. Expensive clicks

Compared to Facebook ads, which is usually free, LinkedIn ads cost about 6 to 9 dollars per click on it.

This is usually about five times more expensive than Facebook ads.ย 

2. No dayparting

For a B2B platform like LinkedIn, it has no dayparting.

This means that it does not operate even though itโ€™s at the peak of the day where offices are occupied and are surfing on the internet.

An outside platform needs to be used to do dayparting for LinkedIn ads to be seen by business people.

3. There is no device-level bidding

LinkedIn ads depend largely on the number of clicks it receives.

This is kind of bad since if your ads have different conversion rates on mobile devices and computers, your clicks will be divided.

LinkedIn mostly makes use of a funneling strategy to focus on clicks on only one device.

4. Exposed Relevancy Score Absent

Just like in Facebook and Google ads, LinkedIn ads do not show exposed relevancy score.

LinkedIn can track this statistic, but you have no way of knowing it directly.

This exposed relevancy score is a good way for you to take action on how to engage more with your target audience.ย