Just like other social media platforms, you can modify the URL of your LinkedIn profile.

This LinkedIn URL is your profile’s web address.

It is use to search for you online just by putting this specific URL to the address bar.

Your LinkedIn profile page will immediately pop up of their browsers.

LinkedIn profile URL should be as presentable, professional, and neat-looking as possible.

It’s like professional calling card for the internet which will be seen by various of people.

When you have created a LinkedIn profile, a random URL composed of your name, dashes, and numbers.

This URL can not easily be remembered so you can easily edit it yourself.

You can also use any other combination that is easy to remember.

Here are guidelines on how to customize your URL of your LinkedIn profile to a more professional one.

Use your own name, and no other names

A personal professional LinkedIn profile page should have your name as your URL.

It would boost the search engine optimization since it makes use of your own name.

However, if your name is the same as others, you can add other unique words.

A long, hard to be spelled name, is also a struggle when customizing their own LinkedIn URL.

Purpose of these URLs is to help other people easily get to you and contact you.

The best possible URL is about 15 characters long which can be checked easily online.

You can change the default URL given to you as soon as you make a LinkedIn account.

It is by clicking the pencil icon on the right side of your profile page.

You can type in about 3 to 100 letters, numbers, or a combination of both.

It is better to simplify your personal URL.

Use LinkedIn optimization

They can use this tool to optimize their URL which can make their profiles more searchable online.

The accessibility of your LinkedIn URL can be checked using this stool.

For professionals, the first and last name should be used.

So that other professionals can recognize your LinkedIn URL easily.

You can also get tips for improvement using this optimization tool.

Saving and Checking your new LinkedIn URL online

A green banner can be seen after you have saved your new customized LinkedIn URL.

It can still be updated for future purposes.

After you save your new LinkedIn URL, you can view your new URL.

By checking it on your profile page on the upper-right part of your page.

This new URL is now business-ready and can be share to your colleagues.

LinkedIn lets you change this personal URL every now and then.

If future circumstances needs you to change your customized URL, you can do so.