The current COVID-19 pandemic affected many entrepreneurs and clients all over the world.

Business owners and their employees have to stay at home to avoid getting infected.

Workers were forced to stay and work at their homes to reduce the risk of infection.

However, the pandemic shouldn’t be able to stop you from doing your business from home.

Marketing your business becomes more challenging during this time.

If you are using LinkedIn and other social platforms, then it should help you reach potential clients.

It is important to adjust your strategies accordingly to be successful in your campaigns during the coronavirus pandemic.

LinkedIn is a popular platform for professionals, which makes it an ideal social media website for marketing your business.

Below are some strategies that you can use to get new clients during the COVID-19 crisis through LinkedIn.

How to get new clients during the COVID-19 crisis through LinkedIn

1.      Tweak your marketing campaigns

Do you have any current marketing campaigns targeted on different audiences on LinkedIn?

Maybe you should consider applying changes to them right now.

The ideal thing to do is to pause these campaigns and create new ones.

Consider prioritizing ones that can still be relevant to the current situation.

2.     Assess your content

If you have content in line to be posted on LinkedIn, now should be a good time to assess them.

Some of these contents may be irrelevant to the current situation and would not work nowadays.

Reschedule these posts for another time if you don’t want to remove them.

3.      Absolutely do not capitalize on the COVID 19 crisis

Capitalizing on the COVID-19 crisis will create a negative image for you and your profile.

Try not to spread misinformation and panic on your post.

It’s much better if you can research well on what you are posting.

Additionally, do your best by focusing on empathy and humility in your engagement with other people on LinkedIn.

Try not to brag about your business on LinkedIn.

A lot of people, especially employees, are genuinely worried about what to do during the pandemic.

4.      Spread positivity, but not toxic positivity

Try to be someone who can spread positivity while thinking about other people’s feelings.

Some may tend to ignore others in what they post, which can be considered as toxic positivity for others.

5.      Brand highlights

Instead of generating new content, try to highlight your brand by making it relevant to the current crisis on LinkedIn.

It’s a good time to run over your current profile and see how it looks. Update your branding and currently posted media on your profile.

6.      Post about experiences, thoughts, and personal perspectives

Posting about what you feel and experience during this current pandemic will generate a feeling of empathy with people.

This strategy will also help in making your content more relevant and trustworthy to the crisis at hand.

7.      Be informative

LinkedIn is a good platform for displaying relevant info.

By sharing facts and media related to the coronavirus pandemic, you will be able to reach out to your audience.

Posting good information makes you and your LinkedIn profile more reliable to your connections.

Generally, by staying relevant and reliable on LinkedIn, you will still be able to gather new clients to your business.

Just try to remember that not everyone is like you.

You have to consider what they feel about the COVID-19 crisis.

Others may adapt better than you, while others don’t.