If you are thinking of getting a premium subscription on LinkedIn, then do not worry.

The features of LinkedIn premium make it worth the money you spent on.

LinkedIn premium plans vary from $30, $60, $80, $120 dollars a month to be able the access the special features and data.

Despite these, many LinkedIn users avail their premium plans.

It sorts of acts as a sort of exclusive group of job seekers, recruiters, and business professionals.

The amount you pay is like the “membership fee” for this exclusive club.

Some users may return the free version after trying premium subscription, but many serious professionals continue with their premium service.

Knowing these things, here is how can LinkedIn premium benefit you as a user.

As a premium career user

Availing this type of membership allows you:

  • to see the LinkedIn users that have gone to your profile
  • recruiters from direct messages
  • how you compare to other applicants of the job you are also applying for in LinkedIn
  • salary insights
  • access to interview materials and informational content

You can avail this service for about $30 dollars a month or $240 dollars a year.

You can also send three InMail messages which are messages that can be sent through LinkedIn without a necessary connection.

As a premium business user

Aside from 15 InMail messages you can send through LinkedIn, you can also do advanced search filters, infinite searches with an extended network and additional company data.

You can also get career insights and access online courses with video.

All of these services for about $60 dollars per month or $575 dollars annually which already has a discount.

As a premium sales user

LinkedIn sales navigator professionals can get 20 InMail messages a month.

Along with the other feature that you have as a premium career and premium business user such as unlimited search feature and who has viewed your profile.

You can also get sales-specific insights, recommendation for new leads, and advanced searches with a lead-builder.

The sales navigator subscription also comes with a multi-seat version that adds up to :

  • 30 InMail messages
  • 10 PointDrive presentations
  • 25 out-of-network profile unlocks

The sales navigator enterprise version which has a total of:

  • 50 InMail messages
  • 25 out-of-network profile unlocks
  • unlimited PointDrive presentations
  • admin functionalities

All of these can be availed for $80 a month or $780 a month.

As a premium recruiter lite user

Aside from all the functionalities and features unlocked when subscribed from premium career, premium business, and premium sales subscriptions which were unlimited number of profiles, and others, you can also get.

  • 30 InMail messages per month
  • more recruiting-friendly design
  • advanced search options
  • suggestions to find better candidates for a certain job

There is also a feature called “integrated hiring” where ou can have a view of the entire pool of job candidates.

You ca n also have the feature where you can track the candidates for the job they are applying for.  

Are you not getting the most out of your LinkedIn  Premium membership?