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Business owners use LinkedIn as a platform for lead generation and networking.

It is a handy platform, and it is in marketing strategies.

As a marketing platform, it has a lot to offer to your business.

Since LinkedIn is already a business platform, promoting your campaign through LinkedIn Ads is a plus.

Add it to your list of promotional strategies and other social media platforms such as Facebook and Google ads.

First, you need to know how to navigate your LinkedIn ad account after making one.

Knowing how to use it and mastering it are two different things.

This article will tell you the steps on how to create a LinkedIn ads campaign.

LinkedIn Ad Campaign

1. Log in on your LinkedIn account

After going to the LinkedIn Marketing Solutions page of LinkedIn, log in your account.

Enter your company’s LinkedIn page if your yet to have a LinkedIn Campaign Manager account.

On your dashboard, click on the create campaign button at the upper right part of the page.

The first task is to enter a Campaign group and a Campaign name.

There is a default campaign group that you may not change and a campaign name that is informative to your business partners or employees.

2. Choose a Campaign objective

For LinkedIn to customize your campaign, you should choose your call to action after seeing the ad.

LinkedIn focuses on three campaign themes that they provide:

Conversion, Consideration, and Awareness. Some of the campaign objectives that you can choose from are:

·        Landing page visit

A campaign objective that focuses on generating traffic to your website.

It will also increase your brand’s popularity among LinkedIn users.

·        Interaction

Choosing this objective means that you want to have more engagements with your content and increase popularity.

·        Online views

If you have video content on your LinkedIn page, people will likely see it and find it interesting.

3. Assign Target audience

Successful ads are those that have reached their target audience.

For your LinkedIn ad campaign to be successful, choose the parameters of your target audience.

The more specific are the parameters, the easier it is for LinkedIn to find the people you are looking for.

There are a lot of options to choose from, so your campaign will do well.

The different criteria for the target audience you are looking for are: Company, Demographics, Education, Work experience, and Interests.

4. Pick an ad format

There are four basic ad units that you can choose from in LinkedIn: Text ads, Dynamic ads, Message Ads, and Sponsored Content.

You can choose from these ad types depending on the desired parameters you want your campaign to have.

Parameters such as bidding, budget, targeting, duration, etc. are all taken into consideration before picking an ad format.

5. Set your budget, schedule, and bid type

Consider these three parameters since it will determine the performance of your LinkedIn ad campaign.

Do not set your budget at a roof limit at the beginning.

Test an ad first and see its performance and then set a budget depending on that experiment.

Set a schedule on when the ad will launch and when it will end.

Lastly, determine your bid type, which has different characteristics, so choose among automated bid, CPC bid, and CPM bid wisely.