LinkedIn is one of the most popular social media platforms online.

However, compared to other social media platforms, LinkedIn is somehow more directed to professional users.

The majority of the people on LinkedIn actively engage with content from their connections.

The platform itself offers professionals good content that is worth reading and sharing.

The main secret of getting viral on LinkedIn is not a secret.

You just have to know what to post, when to post, and how to post your content.

The truth is, any LinkedIn member can become viral. You are not required to have millions of connections for people to see you.

What you need to do is to post engaging content that your audience will love.

Below are some of the specific secrets on how to make a viral post on LinkedIn.

Write a good introduction on your blog posts

A powerful headline will hook the people to read your content.

Additionally, your post introduction is critical for the people to continue reading more into your blog.

If your introduction is a real killer, it will make people want to know more about what you write.

This situation works if the content highly informs your connections that you are writing.

Use your LinkedIn groups

If you have a group of friends who are actively engaging on LinkedIn, then it is your time to shine.

You and your friends can each post content and comment or like on each other’s posts.

You have to do this immediately after posting.

Increasing engagements like comments and likes tell the LinkedIn algorithm that your content is strong and should be viral.

Look for an extremely good topic

Before publishing content, you have to know what topic is it that you should post.

A good, currently trending topic can go viral easily as compared to the others.

For example, if the “coronavirus” is a trending topic now, then people will more likely read and engage in your content.

Just make use of the right keywords, or you can explore if you want.

Take a look at the current trending topics right now, and you might be able to ride that train today.

Reply to your comments

After publishing your posts, we recommend that you respond to the comments made by your connections on your content.

Do not copy-paste these comments.

They should be personalized and tailored to every commenter.

These conversations will show people that you are not just commenting for the sake of comments; you are responding to each individual.

You can also opt to comment early on then choose not to as the post goes viral.

Repost your old viral posts

What worked before may work now.

That’s why most people recommend reposting your old posts by sharing it again on your LinkedIn profile.

There is a huge chance that a huge audience will notice your post if you repost your previously viral content on LinkedIn.

You don’t have to worry about the risks of reposting old content since LinkedIn won’t penalize you for doing so. 

Use hashtags on LinkedIn

If you are posting content under a certain category, it is best to use hashtags.

Hashtags are utilized by active LinkedIn members to help find related topics.

For example, you want to read content about the coronavirus pandemic.

Then, you should check out hashtags for coronavirus.

Research the best hashtags for your post and use it at your convenience.

However, be mindful not to abuse the hashtag system.

Even though hashtags create better engagement for your post, don’t spam them.

Spamming these hashtags might make the LinkedIn algorithm de-prioritize your content.

Post at the best time

The best time is when your connections are actively engaging.

If most of your connections are from a different time zone, it is ideal for posting when they are awake.

You might also have to research the perfect time to post.

Check on your LinkedIn feed on active posts and take note of the time by which most of your connections are posting.

If you managed to comment on their posts and get an immediate reply, then they are online at the moment.

If the majority of your connections are actively posting, then it is also perhaps the best time to post your content.