People on the internet tend to have a lower attention span when it comes to advertisements.

Ads like Facebook ads, hit a wall where business owners are not generating any more clicks.

B2B transactions need a larger volume for generating more leads.

Using LinkedIn ads is a better avenue in promoting your brand and business transactions.

In using ads, you need to catch the attention of others and get them to click your ad.

Another thing you need to do is make people try your brand or engage with you through your ads.

Advanced Targeting with LinkedIn Ads

There are two challenges in using LinkedIn ads, making people click it and trying to convince them.

If your click-through rate or CTR is very low, you need to overcome the first challenge.

If only a few people are engaging with your brand but you have a high volume of clicks, overcome the second obstacle.

What you need to do is do a dry-run of what will happen if you run a LinkedIn ad.

From that experience, try to configure your LinkedIn ad on what you can do more to get your target audience.

Here are some tips that you can do with LinkedIn ads to do advanced targeting.

Target Certain Skill Groups

For selective targeting using LinkedIn ads, you can prioritize certain skill groups.

When you are trying to sell your brand or product, avoid engaging with people involved in sales or marketing.

Avoiding these people will help you avoid competitors that may see your brand.

This is one of the ways in order to increase the clicks your ad will generate.

Target Small to Mid-sized Businesses

Small to medium sized businesses are good sources of leads.

If you want to include a large number of people in your network of leads, you will ensure that you will generate clicks on your advertisements.

However, including a few people from a company where usually there is no LinkedIn account yet, will surely generate you a lead.

So, targeting a company with fewer employees will guarantee you more leads.

Target People based on Seniority

When searching for people on LinkedIn, filter them based on their seniority.

You should not base your audience targeting on their number of years in their work.

Their years of work does not equal to their maturity and seniority in the company.

A vice president may or may not have the most years of experience on their work.

So, knowing the seniority within the company is one of the things you need to consider.

Avoid Audience Expansion

Audience expansion is an option only available in LinkedIn.

This option allows LinkedIn to add other people in who LinkedIn thinks as your possible prospect.

Personally, choosing the people as your target is something that business owners must do.

This button is in default check on LinkedIn so make sure to make your choice.

Choose this option if you already have a large network and you are only trying to expand your network.

If you are only trying to build up your leads, this option is a lazy choice in doing your audience targeting.