As you generate your leads, you can do two general things: targeting and retargeting.

Targeting the desired audience makes use of different filtering techniques to determine the right people to engage with.

By doing the targeting, you can select new leads who you think are qualified or interested in your business transactions.

Business people do retarget to connect with old prospects who have shown interest before.

Moreover, retargeting is done to expand one’s network of leads who have already reach a certain limit.

The advanced retargeting method has two methods that are both effective.

The target net-new method includes every possible prospect except converters and landing page visitors.

Another method is the two-step method that creates another campaign for landing page visitors.

Advanced Retargeting with LinkedIn ads

Retargeting using Google and Facebook ads is not enough for people who want to be in business.

Costs per click are quite expensive on LinkedIn.

Even though clicks are more expensive, they do not guarantee more leads since only business people use LinkedIn.

Google and Facebook ads are not that useful compared to LinkedIn ads.

Still, it is good to have a back-up plan for your advertisements.

Targeting net-new people

The purpose of prospecting new people is by doing a more focused and expensive campaign on them.

The goal is to retarget every time a new landing page visitor visits or tries to convert.

Exclude these people from the list of your prospects so you will start with a large volume of people.

After a few more advertisements, the number of people that are interested will decrease.

With fewer people, the retargeting list is now more definite and larger.

After getting them these people on your prospect list, you do not need them to see your LinkedIn ads regularly.

You can let them settle on seeing your LinkedIn ads on Facebook and Google.

This way, you can do the same process again of targeting net-new people on LinkedIn.

Your Google and Facebook ads will continue to keep your current prospects on updating them about your company.

Two-step funnel

It is a two-step process that is not available on iOS devices.

A funneling method that does everything above, and then excludes clickers that belong to your original target audience.

A new campaign is specifically made to follow up with the targets which are just landing page visitors.

This campaign is like a chain reaction.

Once you have viewed one of the company’s ads, you can arrange a message to be sent to them.

After sending a message, another ad is shown to them.

You need to use a low friction content where they will not get bored like a simple infographic.

As they interact more with your company, they will learn more about your company and your products.

To have a deeper connection, you can expose them to more content and let them download it.

As things get a little more serious, you can now show them a live trial or free demo about your services or product.