LinkedIn groups are informal communities shared by professionals based on their interests, industries, or some niche topics. 

Any member of the LinkedIn website can create a group, and now there are millions of LinkedIn groups available. 

Hence, finding the best or even a good LinkedIn group has become a hard thing to do.

Top reasons why you should join LinkedIn groups

Finding the right LinkedIn groups is an easy task if you know why you want to join LinkedIn groups in the first place.

If you are involved in businesses, three of the main reasons for using LinkedIn groups are as follows:

  1. People will become more aware of your brand;
  2. The articles or open jobs that you publish will be disseminated to a wider audience; and
  3. You will develop a wider network with peers and customers.

Now that you have some primary reasons for joining LinkedIn groups, your next challenge is on searching for the right one. 

It is not advisable that you join every random group you stumble upon the page or application.

In addition, if you do this, you may feel dissatisfied once LinkedIn recommends groups for you based on your choices. 

Remember that the maximum number of LinkedIn Groups that you can join at a time is 100, so you must make good choices.

Steps on finding LinkedIn groups

The easiest and fastest way to find LinkedIn groups is to follow these steps:

  1. Type the keywords that pique your interest on the Search bar. These keywords may be related to industry, your interests, and even job titles.
  2. Once the results screen shows the recommendations, toggle “Groups” from the drop-down list.
  3. Check each Group before clicking “Ask to join” to ensure that this is the right group for you.

LinkedIn also has the feature “Discover” or “Discover Groups” wherein LinkedIn itself will recommend groups for you to join. 

You may opt to check the recommendations and click “Not Interested” or “Ask to join” depending on the feelings you get while viewing the group.

If you cannot find the right LinkedIn groups for you, maybe it is time for you to create one! 

Should this be your cup of tea, we recommend that you first review the dynamics in a LinkedIn group so that you will be able to find a differentiating feature to your group. 


This will drive LinkedIn users to join your group, and your chance to have your own popular group increases.

If you are the LinkedIn group creator, then you have to make the potential members feel that they just found the right LinkedIn group for them once they view your group. 

Remember that LinkedIn will be sending a regular digest of all activities to your group members. 

This will keep them updated, but you have to keep them engaged as well. You may choose a topic that many users would want to talk about any time of the day.

Start finding the right LinkedIn groups or create your own now!

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