LinkedIn profiles are one of the most interesting and influencing ways of letting others know about your achievements and dreams in life.

Top businesses and businessmen generate high amount of traffic that puts their businesses at the top. According to reports, 65% of businesses say that generating traffic would make your business a successful one.

In order for you to maximize the use of LinkedIn to your advantage, here are some tips on how you can do it on your own.

Generating the best profile for connecting with others

The LinkedIn profile you will create will dictate how well the audience will receive you as a professional.

In the notifications bar of a LinkedIn user, your name, title, and the message you want to send them. Unless you changed it manually, the last job you had will be seen by LinkedIn profile viewers.

There is also a tool you can used to rate your LinkedIn profile called the LinkedIn Social Selling Index.

You also need to complete fill out your profile and list all past jobs you have done with a few little details. You should also add a line that is inviting to your audience for contact.

Find the right target audience

You should also consider the whole cycle of your sales when finding leads for your business. This will help you generate leads much easier. Unless you need to contact a solo entrepreneur, most businesses have certain people that are decision makers for the company.

This will largely depend on what your business does, and what your goals are. Usually, marketing managers, HR director, marketing director, and sales director are the targets.

The typical sales cycle looks like something like this:

Reach out to your target audience

You should contact your previous customers with no awkward feelings left.

When you are contacting them, send a message first asking them how is there business doing. Lead generations are usually done with a lot of follow-ups.

For your current target audience, you can join LinkedIn groups where your clients are a part of. An advanced search option you can use to learn about tuning into conversations.

Industry-wide problems can be learned about and options on how to solve it. This will give you everyday insights on how you can connect with your clients.

You should also consider the group size, level of engagement, and group rules before you engage with the appropriate group of your audience.

Respond to questions on your area of expertise

Groups in LinkedIn use a discussion board and you will find questions posted and you can answer them which will extend your connections and relevance to your area of expertise.

You can also answer questions directly from people you want to work with especially from a senior in a company, a well-defined response will be much appreciated by them.

You never know who could see this information.

Slim down your lead generation

There is a multiple step approach on how you can have a better lead generation; first is establishing your goals, creating a list of high-quality prospects by filtering your search results, initiating contact with these prospects, building a relationship, and funneling prospects to the top of your priority.

Do you want to know more how to generate leads from LinkedIn?