Are you starting to use LinkedIn for your company profile?

Then you are still probably growing your page.

Growing your followers is a simple task in itself, but it can be difficult most of the time.

You can’t force people to like your company page, but you can make them be willing.

If your company profile page is trustworthy and informational, it is more likely that people will like your page.

Below are the ten steps to grow your LinkedIn company page followers in ten steps.  

Create interesting posts

If you are writing posts for your company, then it should be creative.

These posts should be compelling and eye-catching, up to the point when your followers would not be able to resist them. 

The content should be unique and can’t be found anywhere else on LinkedIn.

We recommend staying in your niche most of the time.

But, if you are experimenting with new content, then creating multiple post topics should be okay. 

Establish your own brand

This step is where your company profile comes in handy.

Establish your own brand so that people can recognize you immediately.

If you establish a brand with unique topics, your company will be known as the one who is posting these kinds of content.

Good branding increases the trust of your followers to your LinkedIn profile.

Additionally, it potentially increases conversion rates since once you’ve established a brand, your followers will grow even more.

Share relevant content

Content that is relevant to current events is most likely to succeed.

Companies that publish updated content shows that they are active and engaging with their followers.

An example would be the coronavirus.

If your company is about a customer management system, you can relate your posts to CMS and how it helps during the pandemic.

Schedule optimal time to post

This step is where you have to analyze your followers.

On what time are your followers more active on LinkedIn?

It is best if you can post company content on these schedules.

When people engage in your posts, you will likely get impressions from your followers’ connections.

Make use of easy social signals

On your website, you can include an easy social media widget on each post.

These social media widgets help in making your post highly shareable.

The reason is that the widget will show the number of social signals for your post.

The more social signals that your post has, the more likely that people will think that it’s relevant.

Join related groups

Making use of your groups are critical in a growing page.

You can join groups based on the industry that you belong in.

If your company is in the automotive industry, we recommend joining groups for the nursing industry.

Joining related groups allow other people from the same niche to take notice of your brand.

This step increases the publicity of your company, which can garner loyal followers from these LinkedIn groups.

Use analysis on link shorteners

Making use of link shorteners is particularly important for most websites.

Majority of online link shorteners provide a free analysis tool, which you can study for future references.

You will be able to know which posts are highly engaging for LinkedIn members.

Thus, you can replicate the strategy for your other future posts if it’s effective.

Make use of SEO

Search engine optimization is another critical aspect of growing your company.

You have to consider how search engines will love your LinkedIn page.

You might also have to consider how your company page will appear in the search results.

Is it showing the goals of your company?

What is the company about?

What services do you provide?

If not, then you have to optimize your LinkedIn company profile.

Make sure to include everything essential to potential visitors to your company page.

Utilize email marketing

Does your company send a lot of emails?

Why not exploit it?

Insert your LinkedIn profile page under your signature so that every email that you send will show the link to your company profile.

People that read your emails may get curious and visit the link to your company page.

Encourage your employees to engage in your content

If you have a large company, then it is a good network to start with.  

Once your LinkedIn company profile publishes content, encourage your employees to share, like, and comment on them.

This action will increase the trust factor of your profile, especially if the company is showing on your employees’ profile pages.