In making a LinkedIn profile, the key to attract as many people as possible is to add keywords.

Optimizing the use of keywords means that there would be more views.

Attracting the right people needs the right keywords on your profile.

Other benefits of adding keywords on your LinkedIn profile include a more searchable profile, more exciting set of information, etc.

The type of keywords that you use determines how your profile boosts in the search results.

To create a reputable LinkedIn profile, here are some of the things that you need to remember.

What Words to Use?

Using keywords on your profile makes you seem more professional than how you already are.

There are the right keywords to use to attract your target audience.

One is the industry jargon, which uses career-specific terms that other people in the industry can relate to.

Even though the people who work on your industry understand it, it is still a crucial part of your profile.

Other LinkedIn professionals use experience-based jargon.

This identifies words that are used by people who have the same job positions or roles in a company.

Avoid using major-role words like creating strategies in your profile when you are looking for an entry job.   

Sourcing Keywords

Using keywords related to the job position you apply for is one of the ways to have it easy.

Avoid narrow searching with multiple parameters.

You only need to find three job roles related to your desired position for keyword sourcing.

Do not put overused descriptions such as skilled employees and competent workers.

Used adjectives narrow down your chances of looking for your dream job.

Do not enter skill sets that you don’t have and do not lie on your resume on your LinkedIn profile.

It would only lead to distrust with potential employers and possible prospects. 

Where to Put Keywords?

Not all keywords should clump on one section of your LinkedIn profile.

However, the two main focus where you should put keywords is in the Summary and Experience section.

Profile viewers most frequently see these parts of your LinkedIn profiles.

You can also add keywords to the additional sections and Skills section of your LinkedIn profile.

Add the same keywords on multiple areas of your profile.

Even though you already added a keyword on the skills listed on your Summary and Skills section is a plus for you.

These keywords often searched by people can be found on your profile multiple times. 

Impactful Statements

You can also put keywords on one-liners that describe the most significant achievement in your career or overcoming a challenge.

Depending on your current work level, you may use various keywords that will have a huge impact.

Here are some of the keywords that you can use based on your career experience.

New employee

  • Internships
  • Volunteer experience
  • Recognition and Awards


  • Prior job
  • Continuous learning
  • Leading Teams
  • Performance excellence

Long-time Executive

  • Leadership style
  • Peer-to-Peer interaction
  • Mentoring
  • Strategic planning
  • Creating teams

Prioritize Right Keywords

On your LinkedIn profile, tailor the right keywords where it looks fluid and relevant to your profile.

Have a headline that is keyword-rich and speaks deeply about your brand and abilities.

This will maximize your LinkedIn profile’s search results.