LinkedIn Sales Navigator is your number one assistant in terms of lead generation and prospecting.

It allows you to have critical insights from your target audience and other brands, as well.

It is a platform that maximizes your chances of engaging with others.

However, handling your Sales Navigator account could also be a struggle.

With all of the lead generations done by Sales Navigator, expect a ton of messages sent to inbox and InMail.

Aside from these messages, LinkedIn also sends you messages about its updates that clog your inbox. 

This issue could cause a significant problem with your clients in the future.

Below are some of the tips you could adapt to handle all messages in your LinkedIn Sales Navigator account. 

Tips on Handling Messages on LinkedIn Sales Navigator

1. Use the inbox filtering feature

With LinkedIn Sales Navigator’s new feature called Inbox Filtering Feature, you can sort messages the way you want.

All types of messages like unread, sent, and archived messages can be viewed under All messages.

Sent InMail messages can also be viewed under Awaiting response, Accepted, and Declined option in Sales Navigator.

2. See relevant information about the prospect

The new and updated LinkedIn Sales Navigator inbox allows you to view relevant information about the prospect.

You can see the job role, location, and shared connections of the prospect who have messaged you.

Use this to decide whether to continue interacting with that message or just ignore it. 

3. Save leads

If an important prospect messaged you and wants to do business, you can save his message for easier access.

You can also select the Save as a lead option when sending a direct message to a potential lead.

This allows Sales Navigator to track this lead on LinkedIn even though he doesn’t respond to your message.

4. Manage InMail access

Your Sales Navigator account only allows you to send a limited number of InMails monthly, depending on your subscription.

This also applies to your team members and other employees in sending InMails. 

Limiting messages could also be a good idea to prevent sending messages by accident to other people.

It can also prevent employees from putting the company’s name in a bad light.

You can also limit their capacities to put a message on the company’s dashboard.

Do this through the Admin settings of your LinkedIn Sales Navigator account.

5. Turn on and off disclosure message

Disclosure message is the message you can find on the bottom of every message sent by the company to its prospects.

It gives them an option to unsubscribe and prevent any more messages to come to the prospect’s inbox.

This option leaves the power to the recipient since it can ignore or avoid any messages that come from you. 

You can toggle this option but leave always leave them open.

This ensures that you will not spam messages to your prospect.

LinkedIn, especially Sales Navigator, does not want any spamming of messages to happen.

They will most likely remain subscribed but let them have that option if they feel like they are getting spammed.