Making connections with potential employers, employees, and clients is one of the primary services offered by LinkedIn.

Establishing a network with the right groups of people can significantly boost your brand or company’s presence in the market.

LinkedIn provides a variety of features and even automation tools to help you find the right LinkedIn groups to connect with. 

With over half a billion users, the possibilities of doing so are almost endless.

However, almost is the keyword — LinkedIn has a maximum number of connections per profile.

Once you hit the limit of 30,000 connections, LinkedIn “freezes” your ability to connect with others.

According to them, this is to ensure the optimal site experience for its users.

It’s also set to help each company maintain the most effective network size for them.  

Inviting people to like and connect with your page is one thing — getting to 30,000 connections is another.

Luckily, there are plenty of guides on how to get to 30,000 connections and what to do once you reach the connection limit.

Having this many connections on LinkedIn is a surefire way to make your company or brand known in the market.

These can lead to meaningful interactions with possible clients that can lead to a boost in sales.

Furthermore, it can also be an avenue for employable candidates to connect with you.

A high number of connections will most definitely lead to higher chances of getting what you need.

To get to 30,000 connections, you should connect with certain types of people in a particular order.

Don’t start by making connections with people in your target audience without having any mutual connections.

It’s better to gradually introduce your content to your target audience through people they know.

So when you try to connect with them later, they’re already aware of your brand or company. 

Connect with people in this following order:

People you know

These are people that are highly likely to accept your invitation to connect with you.

You can import or export your contacts to find and connect with these people easily. 

2nd connections with people who are similar to you or your company

These aren’t necessarily your competitors.

Forming a relationship with these people can be beneficial to your company.

Because they’re similar, they can help you with things you need for your business.

Cooperate, don’t compete. 

2nd connections with people who you desire to be like

Once you’ve built connections with people like you, it’s time to connect with people who are not.

Go for LinkedIn influencers whose content you enjoy, or who you want to learn more from.

Approach them and let them know how they’ve impacted your life.

If they accept your connection request, your audience will expand even more. 

2nd connections with people who are in your targeted audience

If you focus on the three groups of people mentioned above, you can easily get up to 15,000 connections.

You can start connecting with your target audience because there is a high chance you already have mutual connections.

Strategize your content into something you know they want to see. Stay active and engage with your connections.