Having a Sales Navigator account is a significant opportunity to know what people think of your brand and others.

You will also know the insights of companies that can help your brand grow and develop.

It is the most helpful sales guide that you could ever have.

However, to make it the most beneficial assistant, you must do some tweaks in its settings. 

First, to maximize your Sales Navigator account, you need to set the preferences for it to follow.

After making an account, an email directs you on how to set your sales preferences in Sales Navigator.

It leads you to five general questions that you need to answer for Sales Navigator to do its job.

Below are the questions that you need to answer and how to maximize them properly.

Five Sales Preferences in LinkedIn Sales Navigator

1. Geography

The first thing you need to set in your sales preference is the geography of your workflow.

Click on the places where you have your target market.

If you don’t have a current market, choose urban areas where a lot of people live. 

This option allows the Sales Navigator to look for sales leads or prospects that belong to the areas you set.

Select the best places where you think your target audience resides in or where your brand will be most recognized. 

If you have no particular location that you want to target, you can just press the continue button.

After not picking any areas, you can select the continue button.

This tells the Sales Navigator that you are open to possible sales lead to all locations that it finds. 

2. Industry            

The next preference to select is the industry.

If your company or brand belongs to a specific industry, choose it and two to three more related industries.

This allows you to increase your sales network to other sectors related to the one where you work. 

Again, if you don’t have a specific industry that you work in or want to target, choose the continue button.

This commands the Sales Navigator to look for possible sales lead to all kinds of industries.

3. Company Size

Choosing the company size is very important in sales generation.

You need to know what company sizes your brand wants to target.

You can target small enterprises that have just started running.

If your company wants to target small to medium-sized businesses, choose a company sizing up to 200.

Pick the appropriate company size that you want to target and then select the continue button.

4. Function

Sales Navigator allows you to choose which job positions your prospects should have before it gets targeted.

It is the department where your prospects will belong in their own companies.

This option is the most important among the five preferences since this will decide who you will engage with. 

Be precise in choosing these preferences.

Choose people who belong to the decision-making department, especially executives.

You can also select the marketing and operations functions if you want to target people in the more technical department.

5. Seniority

If you desired to engage with small to medium-sized businesses directly, you could select seniority levels from the director and above.

This option allows Sales Navigator to check the seniority level of their leads.

This preference allows you to target the most critical people in the company that you want to do business with. It narrows down the number of leads you have initially targeted.