Staying loyal with prospects is what business owners should remember that’s why advanced retargeting using linkedin ads is important.

Advanced retargeting is one of the ways to stay by the side of your loyal audience.

Staying on their radar will reward your company more than you expect.

LinkedIn retargeting is quite a weak method, so owners should always be on the look-out. 

Linked retargeting grants a 90-day cookie that expires and has no user ID.

It also costs you more than usual with only a small audience size.

A more advanced retargeting method makes use of two processes, the target net-new prospects, and the 2-funnel way.

Both are effective if used correctly on your target audience.

Another thing for you to consider when staying in front of your prospects is the content you share.

This will determine the impact of your brand and how well it will receive by people from LinkedIn. 

Content to Consider  

The Content Friction Funnel

Content Friction Funnel is a funneling model defined by its impact on your audience and its level on the funnel.

The top of the funnel has the least friction, which means it flows around very smoothly.

It is easily shared and learned in no time.

These types of contents include blog posts and infographics, which are effortlessly entertaining.  

The three middle parts of the funnel are called the sweet spots for content creation.

These types of contents include e-books, webinars, and whitepapers.

They do not provide the same entertainment as infographics, but the information that they give is quickly learned by people who have seen them.

However, business professionals who are experts in their respective fields will be more attracted to it.

These sweet spots provide the right amount of friction where information and its impact transfers moderately.

They are very convenient for LinkedIn users who only use LinkedIn for convenience.  

Trials and demonstrations find themselves at the bottom of the content friction funnel.

They are the most tedious to learn and understand despite the information it can give.

It would help if you had a deeper understanding of a certain topic so you could appreciate it.

It requires a lot of effort, which has the highest friction, which means the least impact among the five.  

Testing methodology

Another funnel model that determines its impact on the performance of the LinkedIn ad is testing methodology.

At the top is ad messaging, which only improves the LinkedIn ad’s performance by 5 to 15%.

It has less impact compared to the title of the LinkedIn ad content.

It boasts an effect of 50 to 150% impact on LinkedIn ad performance.

Testing LinkedIn pages, which is the second to the lowest in the funnel, boasts an impact of 2 to 5 times of the ad’s performance.

At the bottom of what you can do to improve your LinkedIn ad is by improving your sales or business’s nature.

These are the things you can do to maintain in front of your prospect through advanced retargeting. 

Remembering these things will surely help you in improving your skills.