The LinkedIn algorithm makes use of advanced cues to show you what content is relevant to your feed.

It decides on what content should be trending based on engagements, hashtag use, and many more.

Thus, in order to gather relevant engagement on your published content, you have to learn how to tame the algorithm.

There are some of the best practices on how to take over the LinkedIn algorithm.

Use relevant content

What is your niche?

In what industry do you belong?

Most of your connections and followers may belong in the same niche.

Thus, we recommend publishing content that is relevant to the industry that you belong to.

For example, if you belong in the Legal business, then you should post content related to Legal matters.

What’s important is that you stay substantial, informative, straight-to-the-point, but relatable to the audience.

Post promotion

There are various ways to promote your post.

Most people would love to use hashtags on their content.

Hashtags are certain keywords that are used to relate posts under a similar topic easily.

For example, if you are going to post about workplace adjustments during the pandemic, then you should use hashtags related to the coronavirus.

Engage with your connections

Engaging with your commenters allows them to see that you are an active page.

The LinkedIn algorithm can see that you are actively conversing with your connections in the comments section of your post.

However, sometimes this is not enough.

People should see that you are also actively liking and commenting on other posts to consider you active.

Make use of your niches

If you are in the same industry with another connection, then it is more likely that your conversation will be fruitful.

The LinkedIn algorithm loves better conversations; thus, it prioritizes ideas from the same niche.

You can also make use of LinkedIn groups from the same industry.

Join groups under the same niche that you are in, then engage in the conversations that take place inside the group.

Take note of the number one step in this guide: use relevant content.

Post at the optimal time

Most of the time, we often forget that not all of our connections are from the same time zones.

Be sure to check on what schedule you should post your content.

It is ideal to publish content when your connections are actively scrolling through LinkedIn.

That way, you will gain a higher chance of engagement on your content.

Grow your network

Of course, you have to build your network strategically.

This plan starts by completing your profile as you can.

Provide regular updates on your page and add connections when only necessary.

Don’t be someone who just adds everyone that they see.

It is ideal to connect with people under the same niche or industry in which you belong.

Also, make use of a corporate hashtag with your employees.

This act allows better branding not just for you but also for your company on LinkedIn.

This strategy will attract legitimate followers for your network, making it as strong as it can be.

Make use of LinkedIn Analytics

If you have access to LinkedIn Analytics, that would be for the best.

You can learn what content performs well and replicate it on your future posts.

If you are using a third-party social media software, then try to check if the service has its own analytics.

This feature will help you decide on what strategy you will use for your future published content.

Be genuine

Sometimes, it’s hard to be genuine when you’re hiding behind a digital screen.

However, LinkedIn Algorithm would love it if you are sincere and real.

It analyzes how genuine your responses are by your engagements.

If you are properly conversing with another connection on a LinkedIn post, then it leads to a stronger community.

Additionally, people will see you as an approachable and friendly brand.

Being relatable is what matters for some people on LinkedIn.