Do you want to use LinkedIn to find a job?

Why not?

Professionals and freelancers in most fields use this platform to find their dream jobs.

But unlike other social platforms, LinkedIn can be quite tricky.

Your potential job offers and recruiters are global, and so is your competition.

So, how do you dominate the competition?

The succeeding information will guide you on how to use LinkedIn to find a job.

Let’s get started.

It starts with your profile

If you want to use LinkedIn to find a job, then learn how to make an interesting profile.

By this, you need to ensure that your profile is not merely a replica of your resume.

It should be your sales pitch to your potential employers.

How do you do this?

Follow these pointers to help you draft an appealing LinkedIn presence.

Make sure that your profile has the following characteristics:

  • Complete – It means you have your complete information including your contact details.Everything should be updated from the email address, contact number, and social media accounts.
  • Valuable – Your LinkedIn profile must highlight your competencies, training, and skills.These will allow potential recruiters to see the value that you can contribute to their companies.
  • Optimized – Learn search engine optimization and how to choose the right keywords to rank your profile.What is your niche or your field of expertise?Find out what keywords to associate your account with.
  • Personality – LinkedIn is not a plain bio-data where you put strictly factual information about yourself.You can publish content to showcase your personality.This will greatly affect your brand.

Build your network

If you want to use LinkedIn to find a job, then start building your network.

Connect to other professionals related to your field of expertise.

Connect to companies and key personalities of your field or profession.

You need to get leads to find which companies are in the lookout for new talents.

Here are some ways to build your network.

  • Import all your contacts from your email address.
  • Reach out to your peers.
  • Connect to your previous employers and colleagues.
  • Link or follow key personalities or decision-makers of your prospect companies.
  • Connect to your profile visitors.

Let potential recruiters know you’re open for work

To understand how to use LinkedIn to find a job.

First, you should let prospect companies know that you’re available.

You can simply do that on your headline.

Be always at the scene

If you want to use LinkedIn to find a job, then don’t go missing in action.

This means that you must always stay engaged with your network and audience.

Stay updated.

Post valuable content on your account.

Join polls or make intelligent comments on your networks’ posts.

Always stay relevant because this will help you build your online presence.

Knowing how to use LinkedIn to find a job is a straightforward process.

You have to invest time and effort in fine-tuning your profile.

Then, establish your online presence and show your value.

Follow these simple steps, couple them diligence, and soon you will get your dream job.