Thinking about how to use LinkedIn to find an internship?

At this point you have probably set up your LinkedIn profile.

You know you’re ready to find the perfect company to have your internship.

But how do you start?

LinkedIn is a unique social media platform where professionals and businesses connect.

It is a useful source of leads for top-notch companies and professionals.

But because of the tough competition, you need to stay ahead to get the internship you want.

So, here are handy suggestions you can do.

Your Profile Is The Key

Yes, you have created your LinkedIn account, but how does your profile look?

If you want to use LinkedIn to find an internship, you need to make a detailed profile.

It’s not your CV.

It is more of your advertisement for yourself.

So, make it thorough and interesting.

  • Highlight your skills.
  • Include the training or seminars you attended.
  • List the school organizations and clubs you joined.
  • State your previous or current part-time work.
  • Write a concise headline. State that you’re looking for an internship.
  • Choose a decent and professional photo

Optimize Your LinkedIn Account

When you want to use LinkedIn to find an internship, then learn SEO or search engine optimization.

You need to make sure that your profile contains the keywords that you want to rank for.

For instance, the keyword phrase “economics internships New York.”

It has more than 7 million searches.

So, if these are the keywords you want to rank, include these in your profile.

Mention it on your headline, summary, and posts.

Optimize your profile if you want your prospective companies to notice you.

Start Your Network

Unlike other social media platforms, you can use LinkedIn to find an internship.

You can link to companies that you’re aiming for.

You can also build connections with other personalities of your field.

This allows you to build your professional credibility and establish social proof.

This is crucial, especially when you are searching for an internship.

Through this platform, you can reach out to your professors.

Connect with the managers and recruiters of your prospective companies.

Your network will be your source of information.

From them, you will learn about potential internship programs for other companies.

Join Groups Related to Your Major

Since you’re still securing an internship, it’s advisable to join groups related to your major.

Here you can link to like-minded individuals.

Gain insights about working on that area of expertise.

Joining groups allow you to take part in discussions.

You can ask questions related to your industry.


If you want to know how to use LinkedIn to find an internship, be social.

Keep updated about the industry you want to secure an internship with.

Post relevant content.

Do not be afraid to ask or comment on the post of experts and influencers in your industry.

This will get you noticed.

Be professional, though.

Reach Out to Your Target Companies

It may be intimidating, but don’t be.

If you want to use LinkedIn to find an internship, then be assertive.

It’s the very reason why you make connections – to get an internship with your target company.

Send them a message.

Express your interest to have an internship in their company.

If you want to know how to use LinkedIn to find an internship, always follow the basic steps.

Make a detailed and complete profile.

Optimize it with the keywords that you want to rank for.

Be social and build connections.

Finally, approach your target company.

You can have your internship with your prospective company.

You just need to have the right skills and attitude.