With today’s technology, you can see everything and anything on the internet.

Facebook, Google, Twitter, and other social media platforms offer all the things you may need to know.

These social media platforms show you the information you may or may not need for your daily life.

Businesses make use of this opportunity to promote their brand or their products.

Besides TV ads and other physical promotions, online ads generate a lot of traffic to your websites.

Since most people are on the internet, there is a considerable chance that they will click on your site if you have targeted them.

There are many things to remember when making an online ad, so make sure to learn all of them.

LinkedIn allows you to make an ad and promote it there where many professionals are.

Here are some of the things you need to know when you make a LinkedIn Ads account.

LinkedIn Ads Account Interface

As a LinkedIn user, you must know what to do when you are using LinkedIn ads.

Make yourself familiar with the user interface of LinkedIn Ads if you plan on using it for a long time.

Some of the things that you can see on LinkedIn ads interface are shown below.

Account-Level View

For your first login, you will see a list of accounts on a table view.

You can categorize them based on different criteria like account name, company name, status, launch date, budget, search filters, and others.

You can make use of that feature to sort out the different accounts that you handle. 

Campaign Groups

After selecting one of the accounts that you handle, you will find the campaign groups tab.

On this part of the LinkedIn ad interface, you can choose a specific campaign or ad.

After selecting one of the campaigns or advertisements, you may view its performance for a certain length of time.

The charts cannot be directly seen with the data on the same page, so click on that option.

Combined Metrics

The user interface of LinkedIn ads shows the combined statistics of your website.

It includes the conversion rate, leads generated, as well as the number of clicks, engagements, and data analytics of your ad.

You can’t see the exact click-through rate and the number of views directly on this tab, but on another tab called “Conversions & Leads.”

Charts & Demographics

This part of the LinkedIn ad allows you to view data on a chart for a specific campaign or a few of your campaigns.

Select the chart button to view the actual graph of your ad’s performance or the demographics.

Data Breakdown Tab

Within the Campaign Manager interface, you can now see the audience network tab.

You can view it on the campaign group, campaign, and ad level.

The previous version of the LinkedIn user interface has this information as a spreadsheet that you need to download.

Click the “Breakdown” button above the table and then choose the “On/Off Network” button to see broken-out data between LinkedIn and Audience Network.

If you have new Carousel ads, you can now see the individual carousel elements.