Doing business with China is not new to international marketers.

However, it can be tough when you are located halfway around the world with no prior connections to Chinese companies.

It’s a good thing that LinkedIn closed the gap and established in China.

It resulted in potential close business relations by foreign investors with China.

Are you interested in doing business with China using LinkedIn?

Below are just some of the reasons and specific strategies that you can do.

Once you have started proper networking, you can now start growing your business in China in the near future.  

Reasons Why You Should Make Business With China Through Linkedin


China has one of the biggest networks of LinkedIn users in the whole world.

Many people consider the country as one of the fastest and largest growing markets in the LinkedIn platform.

However, most professionals don’t know how to grow their business without meeting face-to-face.

Especially if there is a language barrier presented.

It is more likely that you will be able to connect with Chinese professionals that are proficient in English.

Most of them have studied abroad or worked with foreign businesses.

China is a good market for networks

Unlike other countries, China has an aggressive network building strategy.

This reason is why China is one of the best markets for networks.

Chinese businessmen would love to network with foreign businessmen, especially from reputable companies.

Moreover, they highly value foreign industries since it is potential international growth for the business.

Businessmen can use LinkedIn in China

It’s not unknown to the public that most social media networks are censored in China.

The good thing is that many professionals can use LinkedIn in China.

Thus, the majority of Chinese use LinkedIn for social media.

Foreign businessmen can properly connect from halfway around the world with Chinese businessmen using LinkedIn.

Strategies On How You Should Make Business With China Through Linkedin

LinkedIn profile optimization

Since you aim to do business with China, you should optimize your LinkedIn profile to get Chinese connections.

If possible, you use Chinese characters for your profile name.

You can also make a separate page intended for the Chinese audience.

This way, you would not have to go all the trouble to revamp your company profile.

Publish good content

Every professional on LinkedIn would love good content.

Thus, you have to be creative with your published posts.

It is ideal to be creative with what you publish on your LinkedIn profile.

If possible, you can use specific keywords and various interests to target a Chinese audience.

This way, you can be more successful in doing business with China through LinkedIn.

Analyze your social metrics

Of course, you have to determine how your page is working.

You can be successful in this step by analyzing data from your published posts and connections.

You will be able to see if you are growing your network.

Anyone can also see if what content or posts are working well with a Chinese audience.

Thus, you will be able to assess what strategy you are going to use in the future.