Are you starting to build a platform hosting online courses or online memberships?

First, one must know the pros and cons of their provider to know which will benefit you the most.

Read below to learn more about the difference between the services offered by Podia and Teachable.

Main Differences Between Podia vs. Teachable

Learning online can save people their time and effort by staying in their comfort place and still expanding their knowledge.

Podia offers full membership site model integration and has a built-in email autoresponder.

Additionally, it offers built-in quizzes, course completion certificates, and does not add your additional tran

saction fees.

Teachable does not have an autoresponder, does not offer full membership site integration.

Also, there are no course certificates, and they still charge you additional fees.

The Benefits and Features of Using Podia

Podia is a package online course platform that helps you to sell courses, memberships, and di

gital download to target purchasers.

You can customize your storefront and sales pages through Podia Editor. The building process of your page will be in your hands.

That is,until you decide to publish your satisfying set-up for it.

One best feature of Podia is that you can do unlimited courses as many as yo

u want without additional costs.

You can modify options for courses that you offer to your students by bundles of content or by section.

Uploading less common file types such as .sketch, EPUB, and MOBI is not a problem in Podia. Podia offers a limitless software system to you.

Expanding your courses through affiliates is also one of the best features of Podia.

This is because Podia has a systematic means of communication.

The Downsides of Using Podia

Anyone can easily use the Podie Editor, but it may still take time to completely customize your page.

You have to exert some effort especially if you have a very specific brand requirement.

Storefront options may also look similar to the others because of the limited customization features.

Podia’s email marketing software also is limited and may suggest you use a software console for email autoresponder.

The Benefits and Features of Teachable

Teachable is an online course building platform.

This platform helps you create your online school in a matter of hours for free.

Teachable works with both Stripe and Paypal payment processors.

This feature makes it easier for you to accept payments for courses even from multiple currencies.

You can import available courses in any format from Dropbox, Google Drive, or OneDrive.

One of the features of Teachable is they can notify the student to ensure compliance from their part.

Teachers can also have a set of standard passing scores for courses to ensure progression.

You can set the maximum number of attempts for quizzes which will automatically alert you if it maxes out.

Another feature to further understand students is through the use of feedback surveys and Google forms.

In Teachable, you can also create coupons and promotions to further incentivize sign-ups during a launch.

The Downsides to Using Teachable

Teachable only have limited slots for the one month free plan they offer.

Free plan also means that they have limited access to its features.

You may opt for the paid plan instead if you are interested to use advanced features.

An email autoresponder is not available in their software too.  

Podia vs. Teachable: Cost

Teachable offers a one month free plan; however, they charge an additional $1 + 10% on every transaction you close.

They also still add a 5% transaction fee on every sale to their Basic Annual Plan of $29/month.

In Podia, their Mover Annual Plan is $32.50/month with no additional transaction fee.

Podia also offers a free 14-day trial.

If you sign up within the first five days, you get a 15% off for life.

This lifetime deal brings your monthly cost to $27.63.

User Experience

Podia recently added a live-chat feature helping their student and customers to ask questions and communicate with them.

They also have a 2-step checkout process wherein more conversions from potential customers.

Students can also comment on course content by leaving comments and interacting with each other.

They can also track individual student progress.

Teachable allows students to take basic quizzes and interact in the live comments section.

This interaction helps build a more structured learning environment.

Get started with Podia by signing up for a free 14-day trial here!