LinkedIn is a highly professional social media platform where many business owners rely on.

Emojis are a useful tool in adding emotions to digital communications can help your audience understand your message. Emojis such as smiley face, and laughing emoji.

The emojis can also lighten up the mood of the emotionless corporate world. However, a barrage of emojis seems childish and inappropriate as a professional.

Emojis can help make you look friendlier and grow more popular online.

This can help you get more profile views in LinkedIn and it can also help your audience remember what you have written as your post.

However, here are some of the ideas if you use emojis on LinkedIn.

Separating professional from personal communication

If you are a LinkedIn user that is looking for a professional job, try to avoid using emojis.

Having emojis on your profile means that you do not know the boundary between your job and having fun.

Adding emojis to your profile can diminish the reputation of your personal brand and turn off your employers.

Overusing emojis

Emojis are mostly used by individuals who are part of the Millenials and Generation Z.

Using too many emojis on your LinkedIn profile page would mean that you may not be mature enough for your work.

With too many emojis added, the information you want to portray is hard to understand.

Emojis could just cause a visual disarray if it is added to a message where emotional clarifications are not needed.

It will defeat the purpose of having a LinkedIn account which is to be viewed by professional people for your skills and expertise.

Communicating an unintended message

If you are trying to communicate with an individual of another age group, an emoji might mean different.

Potential clients who are overseas and are of different age groups, then try to avoid the use of emojis.

A native English speaker using a smiley face emoji would mean different to a Chinese client.

A professional relationship with your customer that was first praised may later turn as an insult.

Reducing negative effect in business emails

A professional message meant to be sent to a client could mean differently if you have put a smiley emoji.

How would you know if it is still a good etiquette to use emojis on your LinkedIn profile or LinkedIn posts?

It is like using salt on your food where you just need a little bit to add extra flavor and add a little bit of spice.

Emojis will either make you stand out and catch your audience’s attention.

You can also be seen as a professional and gain the respect of others in the process.

One or two emojis on your LinkedIn headline can be impactful. If you use more than that, it could mean that you are not a person of meaning.