Zapier is a popular social media automation tool used by various marketers all over the world.

It helps in reducing the time spent on your daily tasks as a LinkedIn marketer.

Above all, it’s a highly effective method for lowering workload for you and your company.

Below are the ten best LinkedIn integrations with Zapier. 

LinkedIn to Buffer 

Buffer has multiple functions for social media marketing.

You may be able to set up post automation from your blog to your LinkedIn account. 

LinkedIn to Facebook 

Facebook is one of the most popular social media websites in the world right now.

The platform has a lot of users, which makes it ideal for increasing engagements on LinkedIn.

You can automate posts from your LinkedIn profile to your Facebook page.

Additionally, you can also automate your content from Facebook to LinkedIn instead. 

LinkedIn to Twitter 

Twitter is an excellent social sharing platform for many companies.

Many reputable companies are using Twitter to increase their engagements.

It is more likely that you will get more conversions on your published content by establishing a Zap from LinkedIn to Twitter. 

LinkedIn to Instagram 

Are you frequently publishing images on your LinkedIn?

It’s a good idea to integrate your Instagram from LinkedIn.

Certainly, Instagram is a popular social media platform for sharing pictures.

If your media is shared on these platforms, then there is a higher chance of engagement.

LinkedIn to YouTube/Vimeo 

Those who like posting videos on their LinkedIn profile should make a Zap with Youtube or Vimeo.

In this way, you might be able to have an increased number of views on your published videos.

In short, it can provide more conversions on your videos, depending on your goals.  

RSS to LinkedIn 

Do you frequently post on your website?

Integrate your RSS feed to LinkedIn!

For example, if you have a Zapier integration from your RSS feed to LinkedIn, it will be more efficient.

This integration will shorten the time that you need to share on LinkedIn.

You will have more time doing other tasks essential for your LinkedIn profile. 

WordPress to LinkedIn 

If you have a WordPress blog or website, then this Zapier integration is for you.

This integration allows you to automatically share your WordPress posts on LinkedIn.

Thus, you will have a lighter workload with more time to focus on other tasks at hand.   

LinkedIn invites to emails 

It’s much easier to connect with LinkedIn with the help of Zapier!

Every person that will email you for the first time will get a LinkedIn invite from you.

This integration will help you gain more connections without the hassle of individual invitations.

More importantly, it will increase the trust factor of your LinkedIn profile because you will appear more professional.  

LinkedIn connect to Google contacts 

If you can invite your Google Contacts to LinkedIn, on the other hand you can do the opposite with Zapier.

Zapier allows you to invite your LinkedIn connections to be your Google contact.

In this way, there will be a higher possibility of obtaining a good email list from LinkedIn.

Additionally, it will reduce the hassle of individually adding your Google Contacts one by one from LinkedIn. 

MailChimp to LinkedIn 

Your email contacts on MailChimp can now receive your LinkedIn connection invites!

It becomes more efficient to allow your subscribers to connect with you on LinkedIn.

Additionally, this Zapier integration sends an invitation to connect on LinkedIn to your new subscribers.

If you continue getting more subscribers to your MailChimp, then it will help you gain more connections