Building an email list on LinkedIn is usually tricky.

Most of the time, you have to be highly reputable for people to trust you in giving their emails.

The main method is to be highly relevant to the content that you are publishing.

However, that’s not all you need to do.

Publishers on LinkedIn might need a little effort to build their email list for the first time.

Below are some of the most highly effective but easy methods of building an email list on LinkedIn.

Invite article readers to share your content

Imagine if your subscribers are reading your content.

What you can do is add a little statement at the end of your article that persuades them to share your content.

It usually works if your article is highly relevant to the niche that they are in.

If your industry is in networking, then your content should be focused on networking.

If your content is highly informative, it is more likely that they will share it with their LinkedIn network.

Suggest your content

Aside from inviting your readers to share your content, you can also encourage them to read your other posts.

 If you have a website, you should add a widget that automatically suggests related content below.

Additionally, you can hyperlink some of your other posts in the content that you recently published.

Further reading into your content will allow your followers to have an idea of how you write.

If they loved your content, there is a higher chance that they will subscribe to your email list.  

Connect with your readers

If you receive a connection request, we recommend that you write a personalized message for them before accepting it.

On this personalized message, you should encourage them to read some of your published content.

Chances are, they sent you a connection request because they have read some of your posts on LinkedIn.

This method is highly effective as LinkedIn professionals respond positively when you try to connect with them personally.

Provide an email newsletter

An additional trick that you can use to build an email list on LinkedIn is by providing a newsletter.

Professionals love reading good material from their industry.

If you are diligent in writing a weekly newsletter for your subscribers, then that would be good.

Providing quality content in the form of newsletters are attractive to readers from LinkedIn.

Just make sure that you are publishing content from the same industry that they are in.

Use lead funnels or lead magnets

One way to gather email subscribers to build an email list on LinkedIn is by using lead magnets.

Lead magnets work by allowing the user to submit their email to you in exchange for a service or a freebie.

Popular forms of lead magnets are free Ebooks that offer additional knowledge on a certain niche.

Just make sure that what you offer in exchange for their email is something valuable.

An email subscriber can lose trust if he found no value in what you are offering.