Do you remember how hard it is to think about what to say to a stranger?

How to construct what to say to someone in school you do not know of?

That’s how difficult it is to create the perfect LinkedIn message for someone you want to have business with.

The first mistake of LinkedIn users is that they talk about themselves, their needs, and promotions too much before asking what their clients need or want.

With this in mind, here are the ways on how you can write the perfect LinkedIn message to connect with a business person.

Write your personal thoughts and ideas

Receiving messages that are based from a template is kind of unfitting if you are trying to build a relationship or connection with another person from LinkedIn.

Personalizing a connection request can be done by using the prospect’s name.

Write something you might know about them which will be much appreciated by your client and will make a good first impression.

Find common interests

Another advantage when connecting with other people from LinkedIn is that you can check their profile.

You can check their skills, work history, interests, educational background, and job position.

From there you can check what common things you have with them.

This will serve as an ice breaker as well as business relationship starter.

You can also check their other social media accounts aside from LinkedIn to find more similarities.

If the person you are prospecting is also active in LinkedIn, it would be a huge plus for you.

You can see what he is interested in, how long he has been working at a certain company, past work experiences, and some LinkedIn groups he is a part of.

Ask help from a mutual connection for introduction

One of the best features LinkedIn has is seeing if you know the same people based from their connections.

And maybe one of your connections knows about the person you want to be in contact with.

Use this advantage to ask for an introduction from this common connection.

Ask permission from them if you can mention them in your connection message as a common ground.

Keep the connection message request short but direct

Treat LinkedIn messages as phone messages and not e-mails.

So do not expect a reply the length of three paragraphs from your prospect.

Do not send them a long message that will make them too uninterested to read.

The length of your message request will determine if you are getting a reply from them.

Keep it concise and direct to the point so you have a high chance of having a reply from your contacted person.

Do not be too rude or abrasive even though your messages are short.

Focus on how you came to their profile, what common interests did you see when you read his profile, and if you have any mutual connections that recommended them as your qualified business person.