LinkedIn is the best social media platform for individuals and companies to build connections with clients and boost sales online.

It is an excellent opportunity to put you and your brand out into the world.

The history of LinkedIn can tell you how, over the years, it has garnered over half a billion users.

As the largest professional online platform in the world, it is clear that it can provide a lot of benefits. 

For businesses, creating a company page on LinkedIn should be essential, and there are plenty of reasons why.

For one, LinkedIn is a great place to generate leads. In other words, it is one of the best online platforms to attract customers.

More clients will lead to a boost in sales, which is the end goal for any company in the market.

And it doesn’t just attract clients — it can also attract possible employees.

Headhunting is easier if your company page looks professional and leaves an impression on talents.

Lastly, LinkedIn provides great opportunities for publicizing company pages.

It targets audiences based on your preferences, getting your message across to all the right people.

It’s a worthwhile investment that only LinkedIn company pages can give. 

To create the optimum company page on LinkedIn, here are a few tips and tricks:

Creating the page

Create a Company Page by clicking on Work, located in the navigation bar at the top, and then Create a Company Page.

This includes entering the name of your company and other details like industry, company size, and company type.

Make sure that your company name is unique, appropriate, and easy to remember.

Check out a more comprehensive guide in filling out these details to ensure that you cover the basics. 

Choosing the profile image

The company logo is one of the first things potential clients and employees will see.

It must make a good impression on them.

The same goes for the banner found on your profile. Make sure that these look professional and stylish. 

Writing your ‘About Us’

The ‘About Us’ part of your Company Page is essentially your LinkedIn summary.

It can tell a lot about your company, what you’re selling, and what you represent as a whole.

It should include who your company is, your location, the products and values you offer, and your contact information. 

Make sure to use concise, simple, and professional language.

Let your audience understand the essence of your company and how they can benefit because of you.

You can also add customer testimonials and other social proof to strengthen your ‘About Us’ section.

Updating Regularly

Being active on your social media platforms can significantly help your company’s connection with your audience.

Update regularly and keep your clients up-to-date with your company’s activities and promotions. 

It can also help to show the ‘behind the scenes’ of your office if you want to attract potential employees.

Show your audience the benefits your company offers, and make your page generally appealing to the masses.