As LinkedIn is the fastest developing networks in the world, searching for people could be tough.

This is where millions of sales people come together and engage with businesses.

With the LinkedIn Sales Navigator it will be easier and faster.

This robust tool for finding the right people for your lead generation will surely be an effective application for you.

First, you need to know the customer’s profile you are targeting.

Especially decision makers and key influencers for you to narrow down your searches.

You also need to know the type of LinkedIn Sales Navigator you have.

Such as, professional, team, and enterprise, which all have varying features.

You can also determine if other people have is engage in the same LinkedIn activity as you do.

Some of these include the marketing team, sales team, and communications team.

You must now know the different guidelines in using the LinkedIn Sales Navigator tool.

Searching for leads with the Sales Navigator

The key in searching is to find the right combination of searches.

It should satisfy your key audience and your objectives.

There is what you call a saved search and a lead list.

A saved search is a current list of people in LinkedIn that satisfy the criteria you are looking for.

While, lead list are people in LinkedIn that you manually searched for and does not change.

Using filters while searching are also very helpful.

Relevant filters will significantly lower down the number of prospects in your list.

While in the search box, there is an advanced filter you can use.

Where “leads” or filter usage is for searching people.

And “accounts” or filter used for searching companies.

When searching, these are the most commonly used filters.

Such as keywords, past lead and account activity, geography, industry, last name, etc.

Taking advantage of the advanced search results

After applying the various filters that you are going to use for your search.

You can narrow down the search results that came up.

If after you check their profile, and they satisfy the qualifications you are looking for.

Then you can save their profile as a lead.

From here on out, you can decide whether you want to message them or not.

You can connect with them, view people of similar qualifications, message them, and view profile.

Filtering people from your Saved “leads” in Sales Navigator

There are many ways to declutter your saved searches in sales navigator.

You can remove saved and contacted leads which are from your previous searches.

You can remove contacted leads if you are using InMail which is a limited feature.

Searching within saved accounts is also one of the things you can do.

Since inevitably, they will have similar people that have the same qualifications as them.

Then you can try to contact those businessmen.


Do you want to get more leads by searching with Sales Navigator?