There is no better social media platform to do business with than LinkedIn.

Lead generation is a piece of cake in the most extensive online platform for professionals.

However, lead generations do not easily mean conversions.

With the vast number of LinkedIn professionals, they value first impressions from profiles and sensible talks after an interaction.

Most users take their LinkedIn profile for granted, which should not be the case.

The LinkedIn profile of a user tells a lot about them and is a potential conversation starter to a new client.

Do not send a generic message on LinkedIn with the available data that you can view.

With sincerity, quickly say your goal in talking to someone on LinkedIn as well as giving an icebreaker.

Here are the top ways you can do to win business with others on LinkedIn easily.

Search Engine for Prospects

LinkedIn is everything that professionals have ever wanted.

LinkedIn is an overall platform that provides training courses, networking groups, news, and personal content from professionals.

Blogs, job offers, and even an online market are all available in this all-around social media site.

LinkedIn is also a search engine for business prospects.

With LinkedIn’s option to filter, save, and sort data of its users, you can quickly find the people you want to interact with.

An excellent chance to do specific audience targeting.

Groom Your Profile

Aside from having great conversational skills, you first need to have an appealing profile.

Within 10 seconds of viewing someone’s LinkedIn profile, you will see a ton of information.

This is very important since someone who viewed your profile can get an icebreaker based on your profile.

At the same time, if you want to message someone on LinkedIn, try viewing his profile first to see what you can use as a conversation starter.

With this, the person you message will get curious about you and will go out of his way just to view your profile.

Your LinkedIn profile should not look like a business resume written in third person point of view.

It should contain how you help your customers solve their issues with the products you promote.

It could also include a list of things that you can do for your company as their employee.

The primary approach is to prioritize your audience first and let them know that you are here to help them. 

Check Who Viewed Your Profile

With the help of LinkedIn’s “Who’s Viewed Your Profile,” you will know who has viewed your profile.

Send a personalized message to the user who viewed your profile, asking if he has an interest in your profile.

They could be a potential buyer, employer, or business partner.

This section shows you the name, face, and a few personal data about your profile viewer.

This is a chance to gather this information and send a direct message to them.

So, if you made your profile into an exciting and engaging one, more and more people will view and take an interest in you.