One of the important things that you need to consider in using LinkedIn ads is bidding.

It requires skill to manage your budget while maximizing the number of clicks you can have.

Bidding can also determine the performance of your LinkedIn ads on the platform.

Bids in LinkedIn ads are your controls in order to balance the expenses of your ads.

The scale of people that can view your ads and the clicks you can generate is also balanced by bids. 

What to Remember in Advanced Bidding?

Set Daily Budgets and Raise or Lower Bids

In doing advanced bidding, allot a daily budget for LinkedIn bidding at the highest amount.

Do this strategy until you only need to bid at the appropriate amount.

In LinkedIn ads, you can set a definite daily budget in order for traffic to come.

Spending a lot more than the minimum and being aggressive will surely lead you to higher traffic.

LinkedIn ad bidders who are not aggressive enough can lose the chance to generate the traffic they need. 

However, if you are generating fewer clicks than what you have spent on bidding, then you lost your money without generating profit.

If you have spent a roof-high budget for a single day, most people will not try to outbid you.

Continue to do this technique until spending on your desired budget is acceptable regularly.

LinkedIn also has a suggested range of bids that you can do.

This range is more on the expensive side, so following it is not recommended unless you are rich.   

Lower the price of your bids if you are tipping over your daily budget, and you are not generating enough clicks.

Do it until you can bid for traffic on your budget regularly.

This is the best way for you to experiment on how many clicks you can receive while bidding the lowest money. 

Bidding with Sponsored Content 

Bidding on LinkedIn ad units with sponsored content is a different scenario.

You can control how you will bid whether you want to pay the cost per click, per impression, or with some models.

The recommended way of bidding with sponsored content is centralizing on the cost per click and adjust based on your CTR and assigned budget.   

Initially, if you are performing on a low click-through rate of 0.35%, you need to redo your ad.

Change the image, ad messaging, and then relaunch the whole ad.

If it is still not enough, you need to think of what your LinkedIn ad has to offer if it converts people to your business. 

A CTR in-between 0.35 and 1% is a better than average performance.

You can continue to lower your bid if your ad is performing at this rate until you reach your desired budget.

This will help you generate the lowest cost per click while generating the clicks you need. 

A CTR of above 1% is an ad that is performing greatly.

You can now bid using clicks per minute, and you can bid aggressively.

This rate is thrice than the average among LinkedIn ads so you can adjust your bidding type to clicks per minute.