LinkedIn is also a famous social media platform aside from Facebook and Twitter.

It is even third in the ranking as the most popular social media network.

LinkedIn is made for individuals who want to develop their career by allowing them to interact with their colleagues and future employers.

This social media is also a platform for community development and content sharing.

LinkedIn’s hidden potential is its ability to build authority, be a thought leader, and expand your network.

LinkedIn users promote themselves through their profiles while also having access to its many features.

It also helps LinkedIn users to help establish individuality and to show their skills and experiences.

Content that is shared on this social media site is more focused than on other social media networks.

Here are the 10 best LinkedIn practices you need to start doing now.

Fill everything out

Ensure that all parts of your profile are filled out.

This will lessen the vagueness and amateur-look of your LinkedIn profile.

Make your profile public and fill out all the information correctly.

Try not to leave anything unfilled with information about you.

Use keywords

When making your profile, try to add keywords that will allow you to be “searchable” in LinkedIn.

Naturally add them throughout your profile so that your search rankings will bolster.

Make sure that your profile is public so you have visibility in Search Engines.

Use a professional picture

Even though this is a no-brainer, some professionals still have unprofessional ones or no photo at all.

Your image should be not pixelated and of high quality.

You also need to look neat and professional for the business industry you are in.

Customize your URL

When creating a LinkedIn account, a default URL is given to you.

Edit your personal URL to your own name so that when you share it, it will be easier to remember and not hard to look at.

Get endorsements

Try getting endorsements from your connections with your skills that they approve of.

This will increase the reputation of your profile.

Do not forget to also endorse them when they need it for their own profile.

Keep your profile updated

From time to time, update your profile summary.

Whether you have changed your jobs or have developed a new skill, you need to update your audience about assets.

Your profile would also look less unappealing when engaging with other LinkedIn users.

Connect with the right people

Giving out too many connection requests is not the right way to go.

When you want to connect with people you do not know, try making the perfect LinkedIn message that will entice them to connect with you.

Join LinkedIn groups

Join groups that are relevant to your job or that share the same interest with you.

This will help build your reputation, promote your company, and allows you to share your own content with them.

Pique interests

In social media, you need to ask questions, give comments, and have discussions with your audience to pique their interest.

Once you have interacted with them on LinkedIn, you can try sending them a connection request to see if the relationship will go further.

Use LinkedIn Pulse

With LinkedIn’s new publishing feature, LinkedIn Pulse, you can target a more specific audience in your vast network.

Some of its key features are SEO benefits, content tagging, deep audience targeting, etc.