Don’t Over post

This rule can be one of the primordial things you should remember, 1-2 posts per day is already enough, over posting may annoy the connections you have already established.

Posting lesser number of posts but with high quality ones is much better than over posting to engage with your connections.

Do not post self-serving content in groups that holds no value to members

No one would read a post with a self-serving content especially if it is lengthy.

In addition, a good post would be useless if the audience is not interested in the said post so know the audience in the group to garner more engagements.

Do not ask people to like your Facebook page in your LinkedIn posts.

This mistake can make you look like an amateur and even more so, desperate for the engagements.

Knowing the right balance of self-promotion is the best way to go.

Don’t treat LinkedIn like your Facebook or Twitter

Yes, LinkedIn is a social media platform, but it is utilized to sell oneself to other business professionals.

Posts that are unrelated to one’s brand needs to be avoided.

Don’t lie

This is self-explanatory, no one wants to be associated with liars so posts only those things that are true, and you have experienced for yourself.

Don’t forget to include external links of your websites or blog

Including links is different from asking or compelling them to like your Facebook page, in here they have a choice if they would want to click the link.

Also, including your website or page may provide a level of exposure to your personal site.

Don’t be lazy in sharing links and updates

Doing this can inform your engagements about your presence in the site, just make sure to share what is necessary and avoid sharing everything you see.

Don’t use LinkedIn groups purely for getting “backlinks” to your website or blog

Engage with people in the group rather than using the group to garner engagements.

Talking to people is a better form of engagement, they may actually click your external links base on their own choice.

Not customizing your headline

Before people see your posts, this is where your future connections can formulate their first impression of you.

Asking too much from strangers

Use the post feature in a manner to sell yourself and give people a choice if they want to do business with you.

This is much better than asking them for things that are unnecessary.

Don’t engage in LinkedIn without clear plan and goals

Planning can make your account more coherent that gives you a sense of credibility in the perspective of your connections.

Don’t assume that LinkedIn is just for people who are seeking for a job

This is why the post feature in LinkedIn is not being utilized by all people.

They assume that LinkedIn is just a site for people to get a job rather than present themselves in front of other business professionals.