In Facebook and Twitter, you probably have your personal brand.

However, building a professional brand in LinkedIn is kind of different.

The most career-oriented social media site there is, is LinkedIn.

Recruiters who would hire you or want to work with you will check your profile first.

“Featured Skills & Endorsements” is the most important parts of your LinkedIn profile.

Here, you will see the list of skills as well as users who has endorsed you for those skills. 

The skills you have feature is important for the employers.

To know if you are qualified for a job.

And if you have better chances of getting hired by another employer.

To increase your chances of getting hired, you must know the most popular LinkedIn skills.

Analytical skills

Jobs often require their employees to have the ability to have data be analyzed.

It is an essential feature especially to businesses focusing on business.

Also research and other problem-driven industries.

Such as consultations, thinking critically, analyzing data, answering questions, and research.

Business skills 

Business skills are also skills that should be notable to employees.

These kinds of skills should manifest especially to the leaders who run the company.

There are several business skills and some are: administrational skills, analyzing business strategies.

Moreover, developing the business, knowledge in business, managing a business and economics.

Communication skills           

For any job out there, having communication skills is a must.

You need to be able to communicate properly with your customers, coworkers, and bosses.

Relaying your ideas is a must through oral or written communication.

You should be able to listen very carefully since it is also part of the communication process.

Such as newsletter, presenting ideas, written reports, and hearing comprehension.

Information technology skills

Most of the skills listed as the most popular to LinkedIn users is information technology.

Specifically the cloud computing.

Cloud computing is mainly popular, as data mining and analyzing statistics are.

These kinds of skills are not just focused on information technology but also on other industries.

These skills can range from medicine to business marketing.

Some of the information technology skills relevant these days include managing content.

Also presenting data, administering the database and developing software in mobile.

Moreover, securing the network and data within, software engineering, and software management.

Additionally, support, user interface design, and web architecture and development framework.

Management skills

A job that needs the skills of a leader will only be filled with an individual having management skills.

They are important skills for leaders to have.

Such as, coaching, leadership, negotiation, task distribution and project management.

Marketing skills

In marketing, being able to promote the company and what it can do  is a must skill to have.

Such as managing campaign materials, and managing search engine optimization.

Furthermore, marketing networks, promoting content, strategizing content and digital media

Additionally, market investigation, planning through social media, and promoting online.