Aside from LinkedIn being a business platform, it is an excellent platform for marketing your brand.

It would be best if you took advantage of the fact that LinkedIn is also a good marketing platform.

Creating an ad is one of the things you can do on LinkedIn, aside from interacting with other users and engaging with their content. 

To maximize your time on LinkedIn, you should know the things you should consistently check and understand.

You need to remember when you are on LinkedIn and how you can apply it to your prospects or employees.

Here are some of the best practices that you need to remember when using LinkedIn ads. 

Best Practices to Remember in Using LinkedIn Ads

1. Choose your target audience wisely

For your LinkedIn ad to have a high turn-out of visitors and viewers, you should choose your target audience.

Your LinkedIn ad will only have an impact if you have selected the right audience.

Accepting too many people as your target audience may affect your budget and still have a low conversion rate.

What you need to do is to target the people that are qualified based on your criteria.

A few of the requirements that you should look for are location, work experience, interests, age, job title, company, working field, and many more.

Be strategic and look for the demographic that best suits your company and brand. 

Remember that too much audience targeting is terrible for your marketing strategy.

The more criteria you have in finding your desired audience, the less your audience will be. 

2. Create a brief and concise content

In social media, the attention span of internet users is short, especially with the number of things that you can do in it.

Your LinkedIn ad should immediately catch the attention of your audience and show essential information.

Here is the suggested number of characters and the length of your LinkedIn ad content.

· Sponsored Content

– The headline of your sponsored content should have no more than 150 characters and under 70 characters for the description. Posts with fewer characters tend to have a higher engagement.

· Sponsored Video

– Brand awareness videos should only last for 30 seconds, while the marketing strategy videos should only last for about 90 seconds.

· Sponsored InMail

– A message written on this type of ad should only have less than 1,000 characters. A body that contains less than 500 characters has a higher click-through rate than the usual.

3. Be direct with your audience

Avoid any unnecessary information and use the first few seconds of your ad to capture your target audience’s attention. Share the sentiments, valuable information, or motivational quotes that you want to convey on your ad.

4. Use call-to-action words

Choose verbs that your audience can easily relate to and do. Your call-to-action should be related to your brand and also simple. Some of the call-to-actions that you can use are: try, share, join, download, register, and many more. These words can make your audience more responsive about your LinkedIn ad once they see it.