Gaining access to learning resources becomes easier through the internet. 

Now, even LinkedIn offers a platform for you to gain new skills and knowledge.

You are most probably familiar with LinkedIn’s existence since it is the platform for professional networking with the biggest reach. 

LinkedIn recently owned Lynda, an online education platform, and started to offer its own courses.

The new educational platform of LinkedIn is LinkedIn Learning.

LinkedIn Learning offers a diverse set of professional courses you can choose from to boost your competitive advantage. 

Through LinkedIn Learning, you can now watch on your preferred time professional courses of your choice. 

Industry experts primarily in software, creative, and business skills share their experience-guided teachings in LinkedIn Learning to help you grow.

As Compared to Other Online Course Websites

All courses that were available in are also available in LinkedIn Learning. 

Some of these categories include 3D Animation, Music, Design, and E-learning Education.

You may be wondering how much it would cost for you to learn new skills for your self-upgrade.

Sure, there is no such thing as free lunch. But considering the benefits you’ll get through LinkedIn Learning, you’ll see it’s a good choice for such a small investment!

If you decide to avail the Premium subscription, LinkedIn Learning will cost you just $29.99 a month. 

The best part is that even though there is no “free lunch,” there’s a free trial during the first month.

Take the professional courses in LinkedIn Learning seriously and your skills will surely grow further in no time. 

You may even decide to continue your subscription for the first month and proceed to paying for the succeeding months.

The Cost of LinkedIn Learning

Should you wish to continue, it’s good to note that an annual subscription for LinkedIn Learning is just $299.88 annually. 

You will be gaining new knowledge for a year with a price equivalent to 10 months of LinkedIn Learning.

A low subscription fee, a free trial for the first month and another two free months of LinkedIn Learning sounds good to educate yourself further and better your career, right?

Privileges of LinkedIn Learning

Once you avail any of the subscription plans for LinkedIn Learning, you’ll have the same privileges under the LinkedIn Premium subscription:

  1. use of InMail,
  2. privilege to see whoever viewed your LinkedIn profile, and
  3. the advantage to see those who applied for the same job you applied to.

How to find relevant courses?

If you want to find relevant courses in the LinkedIn Learning platform, you may do either of the three options:

  1. choosing a certain topic,
  2. picking a specific tool or software, and
  3. trying the Learning Paths.

The Learning Paths is the most interesting way for you to upgrade your skills and knowledge in LinkedIn Learning because this method allows you to take a path under a field of expertise that piques your interest.