Endorsements in LinkedIn is a specific feature that allows other people to come to your profile and endorse you for qualification.

Similarly, endorse you for a skill that you have through the use of “endorse” button.

This will back up your work experience that can be seen through your profile and add validity into it.

With this feature, your brand in LinkedIn can easily be established and along with your network.

Recommendations are different from these endorsements.

Recommendations are references that serves as a support for you and your works.

When someone wants to endorse you, LinkedIn offers you on what to endorse for.

And when they have decided that they will endorse you, these endorsements will show in your profile under “Skills & Expertise”.

Knowing these simple facts, you can now enhance your skills in LinkedIn endorsements.

1. Endorse Other People On LinkedIn

Before you can get an endorsement in LinkedIn, that most important thing to do is to endorse for someone first.

It does not need to be endorsing everyone in LinkedIn but ultimately, just your colleagues and friends. 

Someone that you have an approval of in terms of their skills.

This will have an impact to your reputation in LinkedIn so better choose the right people to endorse for.

You can do endorsements by searching for profiles in the endorsement section and clicking the plus sign beside their profiles.

After filling out a certain form that pops out, you are now endorsing them.



2. Be Endorsed by Other People on Linkedin

One thing for sure is that endorsements that will be found your profile will largely influence employers.

And by other business people that will view your LinkedIn profile.

Essentially, endorsements will increase the “value” of your profile.

Lack of endorsements might make your audience worry if you are really a social media professional. 

Endorsements along with recommendations will make you famous in LinkedIn.



3. Getting the Right Endorsements for You

Not all endorsements that you will have will be qualified or appropriate for the skills that you have indicated in your profile.

The first thing to do to know the appropriate endorsements to have is to sort your long list of skills and knowledge that are true and you currently have.

With this list, you can help your potential endorsers to highlight which skill they want to endorse for so make sure that this list is filled out as long as possible in the field of work you are in.

A combination of general and specialized skills should be a part of this long list of skills for endorsement.

You can also delete and add skills from this current list.

This should be done to update your Skills & Endorsement on a regular basis to inform your potential endorsers which skills you have newly developed or which skills you are not confident on any more.

In the Skills & Endorsements section, you can set your top three skills, remove them, reorder, and add a few more skills.