A significant aspect of marketing, especially in an online platform, is keeping up with the times.

While LinkedIn used to be primarily text and image-based, things are changing.

Studies show that there are more videos uploaded in a month than major U.S. television shows have created in three decades. 

In 2017, the LinkedIn video feature was launched on the site.

Afterwards, statistics proved that posts with videos gain three times the engagement of mere text posts.

It also showed that they are five times more likely to start a conversation among LinkedIn users. 

Clearly, the demand for video contents is high.

And statistics aside, there are plenty of factors proving that your brands and companies should ride the video trend on LinkedIn.

Here are some reasons why you should create videos for your marketing needs on LinkedIn. 

Tell stories. 

Storytelling is the secret ingredient in marketing on LinkedIn.

It is a way for you to connect with your audience uniquely.

You can use videos as a way to tell stories about you or your company.

You can show behind-the-scenes footage of your work process, the history behind your company, and the like.

The critical aspect of using videos for storytelling is making your audience feel like they’re getting to know you.

The more they know about the company, the more comfortable they will be in engaging with your content.

You may also highlight stories told by your own clients through the form of customer testimonials. 

Promote your products

Like any other company, your goal is to sell something — a service, product, or whatnot.

One of the most popular forms of advertisements is video formats like commercials.

Depending on how well-made the video is, it can entice audiences into patronizing your product or services.

And because video content is more likely to be shared by LinkedIn users, you can reach wider audiences.

The more people that view your commercial, the more you can boost your sales

Preview or cover your events. 

Posting a preview of an upcoming company event will generate buzz among your target community.

A video containing all the essential information is an excellent way to increase the number of attendees.

Make sure to highlight the reasons how attending your event can benefit them professionally. 

You can also provide insider coverage during the event itself.

The LinkedIn Live feature is ideal for catering to those who want updates about the event. 

Highlight your company’s assets. 

Assets don’t necessarily mean your profit or revenue.

Highlight assets that positively build your company’s image.

You can start by making informative videos of your employees.

Introducing your clients to the people who help make their lives better will strengthen your relationship.

You can also highlight your company’s philanthropic and socially responsible initiatives.

The causes your company supports reflects the values you and your team uphold.

Making videos about these kinds of things will help improve your brand’s image.

It will also generate more engagements and conversations within your community. 

When it comes to videos on LinkedIn, the possibilities are endless.

The content is half the battle.

Make sure to make the most out of your LinkedIn videos